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Microbeast by BEASTX (BTXM76000)

Manufacturer: BEASTX
Category: Flybarless
Price: $199.99
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Product Description

Key Features

  • Flybarless technology allows nitro and electric helis to get up in the air without the mechanical flybar
  • Allows for a more simple head design with fewer mechanical parts to break
  • Provides for more power in flight
  • Combines the best of both worlds between stability and agility
  • This is a pass-through unit compatible with Spektrum™, JR®, Futaba® and Airtronics® models (plugs in between the receiver and servos)


The MICROBEAST is a 3-axis gyro system for RC helicopters. This technology allows the user to go flybarless. It has an aluminum composite design casing. The slight dimensions allow it to be installed in practically any model helicopter and can be installed horizontally as well as vertically. The sensory system is based on the newest MEMS technology. Software with sophisticated sensor data processing makes installation in electrical & nitro model helicopters possible. With an optional adapter cable, the MICROBEAST can also be utilized solely as a tail gyro. This is recommended especially for whoever is switching from the conventional paddle system and wants to slowly approach the RIGID operation with the 3-axis solution (3G-Gyro Mode). The well-thought-out and easy setup goes smoothly with no need of an expensive programming box or computer. This makes it easy to still change a number of settings even at the airfield. Moreover, the MICROBEAST integrated swashplate mixer enables the use of simple remote control systems, which do not have their own swashplate mixing.

Version 3.0 is now available. The new features of V3.0 are:

• Reduced swash servo peak power consumption
• Throttle and Aux channel now directly "online" after power up in single line mode
• New swashplate algorithm: again more direct and sudden reaction to cyclic commands
• At parameter menu point "F" (Revo Mix) now also preset values selectable, so computer is not absolutely necessary to use Revo Mix function (only for fine-tuning)
• Calculation of Revo Mix is now dependent on the pitch adjustment at setup menu point "K", so it is possible to use asymetric pitch values in combination with asymmetric Revo Mix
• New cyclic response parameter (parameter point "G"), which allows to select a more natural, "flybarlike" control feeling; please don't use too high expo or ATV/DR values in the beginning as this could produce a very "extreme" response of the heli; also only increase the different stages step by step
• New pitch boost function (parameter menu point H)
• New tail algorithm, perfect constant tail rate also in close proximity to the maximum rotation rate and faster response when changing rotation direction, therefore necessary to outfly the maximum possible tail gain and only increase HH-Gain (parameter menu point D) as far as necessary (again as mentioned before, don't forget to verify that the tail stick does not control the gyro into "free-wheel" mode)
• Also as already mentioned: now DSMX® and DSM2® satellites supported and selectable (again don't forget: only the type of satellite remote receiver is important for correct choice in the MICROBEAST)
• Trim function at parameter menu point A slightly modified, now works quite similar to a transmitter's trim function by tapping the control stick to trim the swash in small steps
• Now compatible to our new BEASTRX receivers, which support our new SRXL singleline protocol.

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